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Our services

Registration of the company

with all the competent authorities (CRPS, Tax Administration, Monstat, Customs Administration);

Accounting and posting

of business changes in financial, commodity, material and bookkeeping for all types of legal entities;

Preparation of VAT returns

We will prepare your VAT returns for you in shortest period of time.


of depreciation of fixed assets

Annual accounts and reports

preparations of annual accounts and reports.

Registration of employees

Registration and deregistration of employees, registration of work experience.

Calculation of salaries

,employment contracts, rents, royalties and other personal income;

Capital increase in CRPS;

We do our best to increase your capital in CRPS.

Receipt of tax and inspection bodies

responsible for the control of your accounting documents;


of a company.

Expert advice

in the field of accounting, finance and taxation;

Business books and records

Keeping your business books and records.

Non-residents work permits

Work permit and residence permit for foreigners (non-residents).

Online reporting

Electronic reporting (online) of all financial statements in accordance with accounting services.

''The word accounting comes from the word accountability. If you are going to be rich, you need to be accountable for your money.''

-Robert Kiyosaki

Services (or service) you are interested in:

    Registration of the companyAccounting and postingPreparation of VAT returnsCalculation of depreciation of fixed assetsPreparation of annual accounts and reportsRegistration and deregistration of employeesCalculation of salariesCapital increase in CRPSReceipt of tax and inspection bodiesLiquidation of a company

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